Costello Center

Campus of Divine Providence Hospital
1705 Warren Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 320-7470

Costello Center Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive range of physical therapy services in a convenient outpatient setting. With an emphasis on quality care, it is our philosophy to deliver prompt, thorough treatment, patient education, and preventative medicine, focusing on the entire person rather than just the injury. Located in a 9,000 square-foot facility in the Wenner Building on the campus of Divine Providence Hospital, our facility features a full physical therapy clinic including a wide range of fitness and rehabilitative equipment, specialized treatment devices, and two warm-water therapy pools.

Our staff will work closely with your doctor to create a customized treatment plan for the following outpatient rehabilitative services, including but not limited to:
     • Treatment of sports injuries
     • Post-operative rehabilitation including joint replacements
     • Work injury treatment
     • Exercise-based treatment programs
     • Sport-specific rehabilitation programs

Our Services:
Our department specializes in Aquatic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine and Occupational/Industrial Medicine.

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Aquatic Therapy
This improves strength and endurance in a low-impact environment. We are the only center in the area to offer aquatic therapy in its two warm-water therapy pools. These exercises help those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and those with hip, knee or shoulder problems. Water is ideal for therapy and exercise because it decreases stress on joints caused by gravity. Steady pressure from water creates resistance against the moving body part, increasing strength and flexibility. Other benefits include reduced pain, increased joint motion, improved circulation, improved balance, fewer muscle spasms and less swelling.

Physical Therapy
Our trained team of experts assists individuals in regaining functional abilities, including strength, balance and endurance. Specifically designed to help individuals who have experienced an injury, who want to regain strength and movement or who require special attention for muscle conditioning, our programs emphasize teamwork between the individual and his or her therapist. This relationship and supportive environment encourage a common therapy goal, helping the patient move toward recovery and getting back to daily living.

Sports Medicine
Services include pre-participation physicals for teams or individuals, prevention programs, on-site athletic coverage, injury evaluation, referral service, strengthening and conditioning programs, education and Biodex computerized evaluations.

Occupational/Industrial Medicine
Services include acute injury assessment and treatment, functional capacity assessment, work hardening through job simulation, job analysis and modification, pre-employment screening/placement, preventative educational and exercise programs.

Schedule an Appointment
Call us at (570) 320-7470 to make an appointment. Outpatient therapy services require a doctor's referral, which must come in the form of a prescription. Our office staff will work with you and your doctor to assure completion of the appropriate paperwork.