The Gatehouse (Inpatient Hospice)

The Gatehouse is a seven-bed, short-term inpatient Hospice unit for the management of pain and other symptoms relating to a life-threatening illness. In addition, patients who are struggling with discomfort may come to the unit for treatment, then return home or other living arrangements.

By providing a peaceful, home-like environment, The Gatehouse makes a difficult time easier for both the patient and his or her loved ones. Families can spend quality time with patients in private bedroom suites, a comfortable family room, a kitchen and a meditation room - all while patients receive around-the-clock, skilled nursing care to manage their difficult symptoms.

Most insurance covers short-term inpatient care for symptom management. If no insurance is available, other payment options can be explored.

Admissions Criteria

Pain and Symptom Management
The patient must require skilled medical or nursing care to manage intractable symptoms that cannot be managed safely or effectively at home, such as pain, nausea or vomiting, respiratory distress, seizures, severe agitation or other physical or psychological symptoms. The goal is to improve symptoms and prepare the patient and the family/caregiver for the patient's return to home.

Imminently Dying
The actively dying patient is one whose death is imminent (hours to days). The goal is to provide quality end-of-life care to the patient and support to the family or caregiver. If a patient's condition improves, he or she may be discharged to the home or appropriate facility.

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