What to Expect

Before Your MRI

There is no preparation necessary for most MRI exams so you may eat, drink fluids and take any of your medicine unless otherwise instructed. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with no metal snaps, zippers or other metal accessories. Also, do not wear makeup or antiperspirant as they may contain metal. Because MRI uses a magnetic field, metal objects may interfere with the scan; therefore, as a convenience, we offer you a locked changing room where you may store your personal items.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, impaired kidney function or are over 60 years of age, check with your doctor before having an MRI.

You may be asked to change into a hospital gown. If you wish, you may bring a family member or friend to be with you in the room during your exam; however, they will be asked to follow the same safety guidelines as outlined above.

During Your MRI

The MRI procedure lasts from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of information needed by your doctor. A technologist helps you onto a padded, moveable scanning table. You should experience nothing unusual and will be asked to remain as still as possible during the exam. You can easily be observed throughout the study and speak with the staff at any time.

For your comfort, we offer a patient stereo system that allows you to listen to a CD or a radio station during your exam. You are welcome to bring your own CD. You will hear a knocking sound from the MRI system that ranges from barely audible to quite noticeable; this is normal.

After Your MRI

You can resume your normal activities once your exam is complete. A report of your MRI will be sent to your doctor within 24 hours. We bill most private insurance providers. Depending on the type of insurance that you have, you may be responsible for some of the costs at the time of your MRI exam.