Understanding Your Hospital Bill

As an inpatient or outpatient at Susquehanna Health, you receive care from our fully integrated health system that includes:

  • Divine Providence Hospital
  • Muncy Valley Hospital
  • Williamsport Regional Medical Center
  • Muncy Valley Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit

The information below helps you understand the billing process, the role of health insurance companies and the type of payments available.

When you register, it is important that you:

• Present a photo ID and insurance card each time you visit to ensure that we have your most current information when we bill your insurance company.

We will:

• Verify your insurance coverage and benefits.

• Help you, if balances qualify, to obtain financial and payment assistance.

• Submit your claim to the insurance company following your service.

Bring all your insurance information with you every time you come for service. If you do not have all of the information with you, please call our customer service at (570) 326-8196 or toll free 1-800-433-0816 within three business days of your date of service with the complete information. If we do not receive your complete insurance information within this time, the bill is sent directly to you.

The Role Of Your Insurance Company
After receiving care, bills are sent to your primary or first insurance carrier. After your insurance company makes payments on your bill, they send you an Explanation of Benefits telling you the action taken on your bill.

If there is a balance, we bill your secondary or additional insurance plan. If you have questions about services not covered by insurance, it is up to you to contact the insurance company. If your insurance does not pay your bill after a reasonable period of time, you are responsible for paying the bill.

Emergency Department
As part of your discharge, our staff will verify your contact and insurance information, as well as collect any payments that may be due. Please be advised that you may receive separate bills for any physician services provided by an Emergency Department physician or Radiologist, in addition to your hospital bill.

Patient Payments
Most insurance companies have co-pays or deductibles. Payment of co-pays or deductibles are expected prior to or at the time of service. If you are receiving non emergent services that are not covered by insurance or require a co-payment or deductible, appropriate payment will be required prior to or at the time of service. Please be prepared to pay any self pay amounts. Most forms of payment are accepted. If you are having a scheduled service, our staff may contact you prior to your appointment to confirm your contact and insurance coverage information. They may also collect any out-of-pocket obligations by phone.

The Billing Process
We mail you a bill listing your unpaid balances. The bill lists the date and place you received care, payments received and your balance due. If you have any changes to your address, employer, insurance and/or dependent status, please contact our customer service department at (570) 326-8196 or toll free 1-800-433-0816.

We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express payments by phone, mail and online. You may also mail us a check.

To pay online for services you received in one of our hospitals, go to SusquehannaHealth.org/HospitalBill. To pay for services you received in one of our Susquehanna Health Medical Group offices, go to SusquehannaHealth.org/DoctorBill.

To pay in person you may visit the following receipt station locations:

Williamsport Regional Medical Center

Radiology - Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5 pm, Saturday 8 am to noon

Outpatient Rehabilitation - Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm

Admissions - 8 am to 5:30 pm

Muncy Valley Hospital

Admissions - Monday through Friday 6:15am to 5 pm, Saturday, 7 am to noon.

Divine Providence Hospital

Customer Service Center (Thomas Rider Building, 1st Floor, Suite 1E) Monday through Friday 7 am to 4:30 pm

Susquehanna Health Medical Group (SHMG)

Customer Service Dept (Health Services Building, 1st Floor, Suite 1K) Monday through Friday 6 am to 4:30 pm

Special Financial Arrangements
Patients who are not covered by insurance or who are responsible for large balances after insurance payments may take advantage of Financial Counseling on the first floor of the Thomas Rider Building (located at 1205 Grampian Blvd).

Options include starting a time payment schedule, applying for Medical Assistance or applying for our Financial Assistance Program. (Please note that before applying for the Financial Assistance Program, you may be required to apply for Medical Assistance and get a determination from the County Assistance Office.)

Financial Assistance Programs
Our specialists can help determine if you qualify for Medicaid or other financial assistance programs – which may help pay for some or all of your medical expenses.

Pennsylvania Medicaid
The State of Pennsylvania offers Medicaid, a program for health care services for low-income individuals with high medical expenses. Please contact Susquehanna Health customer service at (570) 326-8196 or your local county assistance office for additional information.

Financial Assistance Program
We provide discounted healthcare for patients not eligible for Medicaid coverage and who meet certain income and asset requirements.

Prompt Payment Discount Program
We provide a discount to uninsured persons wishing to pay their estimated bill upfront.

Flexible Payment Plan Program
For qualified balances, payment plans may be established.

Other Services
You may receive bills directly from the following healthcare providers for treatment related to your services received at Susquehanna Health. If you have any questions about their bills, please call them directly. To help you, listed below are the most commonly requested numbers.

The following healthcare providers may bill for reading or interpreting your hospital test:

Susquehanna Imaging Associates
(Doctor interpreting your X-ray)

Williamsport Pathology
(Doctor interpreting your lab test)

The following healthcare providers may bill for the doctor who gave you emergency care:

Best Practices
(Emergency Physicians Billing)
Williamsport Regional Medical Center

Central PA Emergency Physicians
(Emergency Physicians Billing)
Muncy Valley Hospital

The following healthcare providers bill independently for their services:

Anesthesia Associates of Williamsport
(Doctor providing anesthesia)

Susquehanna Health Home Care & Hospice
(570) 320-7690

Susquehanna Health Medical Group
(570) 326-8723 or 1-800-223-3479

Williamsport Area Ambulance Service
(570) 321-2003

Hospital Billing Assistance
Phone (570) 326-8196

Physician Billing Assistance
Phone (570) 326-8723

Financial Assistance Office
Phone (570) 326-8196

Baltimore Mailing Address
Payments should be sent to the Baltimore mailing address on your statement. This is the central processing location for our local bank. Sending your payment to this address ensures prompt posting to your hospital account.