Patient Satisfaction

How We Measure Patient Satisfaction

Susquehanna Health follows up with patients and other customers on the quality of healthcare services and transactions by mailing satisfaction surveys to patients shortly after their discharge. We make post-discharge phone calls to all inpatients and patients having outpatient surgery to address any concerns or questions they may have about their recent services or interactions. A formal complaint resolution process is also used whenever a patient complaint is received.

We obtain information on patients' and other customers' satisfaction relative to healthcare industry benchmarks by using the 90th percentile or better of national hospital database for our patient satisfaction target. We also set targets for HCAHPS results based on our competitors and hospitals of similar size. Perception of and satisfaction with our health system versus other hospitals is also addressed through focus groups and survey research methodologies. Constant improvement in user satisfaction is driven by our service strategy to be the best in providing satisfied patients and among the best in clinical quality and operational efficiency.

We keep our approaches to determining satisfaction current with healthcare service needs and directions through systematic monitoring of the environment, including identification of changes in patient and other customer needs and expectations. For example, today there is a higher expectation for personal service and related amenities driven by consumerism and heightened competition. This finding resulted in the deployment of free valet parking at our hospital campus locations.