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And Baby Makes Five

by UPMC Susquehanna

Five summers ago, Morgan, Molly and Everly Good became the first triplets to be born at The Birthplace after it relocated to Williamsport Regional Medical Center in 2012. As the girls prepared to celebrate their fifth birthday with a Disney princess tea party this summer, they were looking forward to returning to The Birthplace. This time, along with their big brother Everett, they would be welcoming a new baby brother.
“They were really excited about their birthday because they knew soon after that, the baby would be here,” says their mom, Kaelie Good. Although the family recently moved closer to Lewisburg, Kaelie says they were happy to drive a little farther to return to The Birthplace.
“We had good experiences at the hospital, and at UPMC Susquehanna’s OB/GYN we developed relationships with many of the nurses and midwives on the team in addition to Dr. Lamade,” says Kaelie. “The entire team has always made us feel like they care about us. We are never rushed or just a number. They are interested in what’s best for you.”
Dr. Charles Lamade, MD, FACOG, of the OB/GYN group at UPMC Susquehanna, saw Kaelie and her husband, Amos, through fertility issues, including several miscarriages before the birth of their fi rst child, Everett, at Williamsport Regional Medical Center in 2010. Two years later, when the Goods found out they were having triplets, they planned to return to The Birthplace based on their great experience with Everett.
“There was no reason to look elsewhere,” says Kaelie. “Dr. Lamade felt confident about the team there, and that’s all we needed to know.”

good family

Earlier that summer, UPMC Susquehanna celebrated the grand opening of a newly constructed tower, including a new Birthplace with luxury amenities and private rooms offering mountain views. The Birthplace also included a level II nursery with board-certified pediatricians and nurses to care for prematurely born infants, which is common in pregnancies with multiples, and full-term newborns with medical conditions such as respiratory illnesses or jaundice.

Welcoming Morgan, Molly, and Everly

Kaelie remembers arriving for the scheduled Caesarean section to deliver triplets five years ago.
“It was like a movie set,” she says. “They had a team ready for each baby and for me. And there were additional students in the observation room. It was this huge production, and I thought, ‘Good, there are so many people ready to make sure we’re all OK.’”
Kaelie and Amos had already picked the names Morgan, Molly and Everly for their babies, and the teams helped them determine which baby would get which name.
“One team had a nurse named Morgan, and on another team there was a nurse named Molly,” says Kaelie.
They were grateful for the extra support of the teams when the second of their triplets to be delivered, Molly, stopped breathing a few moments after birth. Her team quickly got her stabilized and moved to the level II nursery, where she was attached to a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help her breathe. The event was so seamless that Kaelie, focusing on the delivery of her last triplet, was not aware of what was happening.
“She came off the CPAP on the third day, and we were so blessed that we could all go home together. I’d heard so many multiple birth stories where one or all of the babies had to stay behind when the momtriplets went home, so we felt really fortunate,” says Kaelie. They also felt fortunate to be in a spacious suite at the end of the hall that accommodated visitors as well as their own family, which had suddenly doubled in size.
“The new facility was beautiful, and the care was excellent,” says Kaelie. “I remember feeling a little sad saying goodbye to all the people who helped us with our pregnancy and delivery,” says Kaelie. “This group is like a family. I brought the triplets in for visits, and everyone was always excited to see them.”

A Growing Family

Over the last five years, the girls have developed distinct personalities. Morgan, the oldest but the tiniest, is independent and loves making people laugh. Molly enjoys playing sports with her big brother, and Everly is outgoing—a performer who loves to sing and dance.

“It’s been a busy, crazy, but wonderful life,” says Kaelie, noting that for a 2-year-old who suddenly had three baby sisters, Everett adjusted well. His only hope, which he began praying for a little more than a year ago, was to have a little brother.

babyWe never thought we’d be back to have another baby. When we heard Everett pray for a brother, we’d chuckle,” says Kaelie.

On August 8, 2017, Everett’s prayers were answered with the birth of Elliott, the Goods’ fifth child, at The Birthplace. The baby boy weighed 9 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 22 inches long.

Though this time there were fewer people in the delivery room—no teams or duplicate devices to accommodate three babies—when Everett, Morgan, Molly and Everly returned to The Birthplace to shower their new sibling with love, there was definitely a huge production.