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Andee's Shoulder Surgery Story

by Andee Dunham

It’s hard to believe that not long ago, Andee could hardly lift a hammer.

Andee Dunham has always worked and played hard. In addition to running, biking, playing softball, and gardening, she loves tackling house projects with her husband. So after years of physically demanding activities and a huge remodeling project, Andee thought her arm was going to fall off.

“By the time I drove the thousandth nail into the siding, I couldn’t move my arm anymore,” says Andee. “That’s when I really decided to go get this checked out.”

She went to her family physician and explained that her shoulder was going numb and that she had pain down her arm and wrist. “They basically said to me, ‘You’re not a pro athlete, so no one’s going to do anything for your shoulder.’ I said, ‘Alright, but, there’s got to be something I can do. I’ll go for a second opinion,  somewhere where I’m going to be treated right. Let me try Susquehanna Health.’”

“The doctors at Susquehanna Health said to me, ‘It’s all about living a comfortable life. You’re in your mid-thirties. You’ve got a long ways to go. Let’s get that thing fixed.’” After some tests on Andee’s right shoulder, they discovered she had a torn labrum, and problems with her AC joint and rotator cuff.

“I had no hesitation for him whatsoever to just go in and fix it.”

So we fixed her shoulder injury – faster and better than she ever thought possible.

“The surgery went wonderful. I had suffered for a number of years with the shoulder inabilities and Susquehanna Health has allowed me to get the shoulder fixed and now I am back to doing all the remodeling again, doing everything that I love to do the most.”

At Susquehanna Health, treating a shoulder injury isn’t a miracle, but Andee will tell you it sure feels like one.

– Andee Dunham, Mansfield, PA