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Christopher Ring's Weight Loss Story

by UPMC Susquehanna

Job: Emergency department nurse, Williamsport Regional Medical Center
Also: Studying to be a certified nurse practitioner
Christopher Ring participated in previous weight-loss challenges but always gained some of the weight back. Now, with a greater interest in preventing heart disease and diabetes, he has made long-term changes to protect his health. “The way healthcare is going, preventive medicine is not only key to survival but also to financial stability,” says Christopher. After meeting with Health and Wellness educator Erin McMurray in January 2017, Chris joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Motivated to stick with dietary changes and his
new exercise program, he schedules early morning workouts and prepares healthy meals in advance. He has lost 20 pounds to date and that includes gaining muscle due to his workouts. “I feel better than I have in 10 years,” says Chris. “I’m more focused and sleeping much better, too.” An additional benefit is a reduction of his
systolic blood pressure. “Chris is extremely self motivated,” says Erin. “He has done a complete 360-degree
change from when we first met, and he attacks this with a focus on his long-term health.”