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Dan's Knee Replacement Story

by Dan Lazorka

It’s hard to believe that not long ago, knee pain kept Dan from running his business.

Dan Lazorka’s condition began about thirty years ago with a torn ACL, an injury suffered while playing basketball. He was treated repeatedly over the years, but with diminishing returns. “After all the clean outs, after all the surgery, and all the injections, nothing was working,” says Dan.

“I own a manufacturing business right outside of Jersey Shore. One thing I love about this business is being able to interact with with the guys that I’m working with. When you’re on your feet all day long, you’re feeling discomfort and you’re in pain, you generally want to back away from doing the things that you love to do. I was spending more time sitting in an office not being happy,” he says.

“It’s pain. It’s stiffness in the knees. The pain got to the point where trying to tolerate it affects your personality. At forty-nine years old, my lifestyle was being affected. It was time to do something.”

So we fixed his knees – faster and better than he ever thought possible.

“With the medicine the way it is today, there’s no reason to live in pain,” Dan says. “And I made the best decision of my life by going to Susquehanna Health for my knee replacements.”

Now it’s been four years since Dan’s second knee replacement, and every day keeps getting better. “I feel like I want to get up and do something everyday. I want to go coach softball, go hunting, run my business.”

At Susquehanna Health, treating joint pain isn’t a miracle, but Dan will tell you it sure feels like one.

“When you’re pain free you don’t hesitate to jump into anything,” says Dan.

– Dan Lazorka, Jersey Shore, PA