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Glenn's Knee Surgery Story

by Glenn Smith

It’s hard to believe that not long ago, knee pain kept Glenn from exercise and outdoor activities.

Glenn Smith had torn cartilage in his knee that was creating a lot of pain, discomfort in his regular activities. He couldn’t be physically active the way he did as a college athlete, and joint pain was preventing him from playing with his kids.

“As a high school and college athlete, I spent a lot of time working out,” says Glenn, “and as an outdoorsman and somebody who exercises recreationally, the long-term wear and tear on my knee caused the injury.” 

“Not being able to work-out was probably the greatest result of the knee pain,” Glenn explains. “I noticed the difficulties I would have physically because I wasn’t in the condition I was so accustomed to being in as an athlete. Even a fishing trip I had coming up, made me ask ‘Am I going to be able to do this trip, with the pain that I would experience in my knee?’”

“In my everyday activities the pain would come and go, and all of a sudden that pain was really debilitating. It started out as something I was able to deal with and the longer it went, it progressively got worse and that’s when I knew I needed help,” he says.

Glenn called Sports Medicine at Susquehanna Health, and made an appointment with Dr. Carey to see what was going on with his knee. “He gave me a list of options and told me my best option was for him to surgically repair the damage so that I could get on the road to recovery,” Glenn remembers.

So we fixed his knee injury – faster and better than he ever thought possible.

“You know after the surgery, I was able to go through rehabilitation and actually made it on to the fishing trip that I had scheduled. The care at Sports Medicine is second to none.”

“Today I’m able to participate in all the things that I was doing before the pain in my knee: running, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing. Even weight lifting and some of the things I’ve always enjoyed.”

At Susquehanna Health, treating a knee injury isn’t a miracle, but Glenn will tell you it sure feels like one.

“I have two kids, both under the age of four, which requires ‘dad’ to be on the ground, playing with my kids. And noticing how I was before the surgery and how I am now, I think my kids would say they’re happy that ‘dad’ had the surgery.”

– Glenn Smith, Montoursville, PA