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Kira Munro's Weight Loss Story

by UPMC Susquehanna

Job: Medical Assistant, Rheumatology, Divine Providence Hospital
Also: Mother of three
Kira has a sedentary job and wasn’t always careful with her diet. With help from wellness coach Sharon Belvin, she identified soda as the first dietary item to eliminate. Since starting in September 2016, Kira has lost 33 pounds and checks in with Sharon weekly. “Without that accountability I wouldn’t be as successful,” says Kira. “Sharon knows how to pick you up and get you back on track.” Kira recently joined a gym, which has boosted her results. She is involving her children, too. Her son works out on the treadmill next to her, and
they take family bike rides and walk together. “I absolutely have more energy. I can play longer with my kids, and it makes my life better,” says Kira. “My grandparents were obese and had diabetes, and I don’t want that for me or for my children.” At Sharon’s suggestion, Kira became a team leader in the employee weight-loss challenge. Motivating others, whether getting people to run the stairs or putting encouraging posts in the Facebook group, keeps Kira on track. “Working individually with employees helps us tailor advice to their
lifestyles,” says Sharon. “That’s a big part in helping them reach their goals."