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Sherry's Foot Surgery Story

by UPMC Susquehanna

Sherry Poole was on vacation in Arizona to visit her son and his family and enjoy the desert weather when she slipped and fell.

"It was only the third day of vacation, and a simple fall had me in the hospital for X-rays on my ankle,” says Sherry Poole of Mansfield. Sherry went to the nearest hospital and learned she had broken her tibia and fibula along with disjointing two bones at her ankle. There, the doctor put her foot in a cast to keep it immobile and reset the two disjoining bones. He then told her she would likely need surgery. Since she had very little discomfort, she and her husband decided to enjoy the rest of their vacation and seek surgery when they returned home.

Sherry flew home four days later and was able to see Dr. Richard Conley of Foot and Ankle Services at UPMC Wellsboro the next day.

Dr. Conley explained to Sherry and her husband what needed to be done to get her back on her feet again. “I wanted to get care from someone I trusted, close to home,” says Sherry. “But I couldn’t believe how quickly everything happened. I fell on Saturday, flew home on Sunday, saw Dr. Conley on Monday, and had surgery on Wednesday.”

Sherry had successful foot surgery at UPMC Wellsboro. She spent the night for observation and was ready to go home early the next morning.

“I knew I was in good hands,” Sherry says. “Dr. Conley told me what to expect at the hospital. What I couldn’t believe was that I had no pain, just discomfort.” Sherry then began recovery at home. She explains, “Dr. Conley was very detailed with my recovery instructions and he put my husband at ease, which was important because he was going to have to help me a lot for the next few months.”

SherryAfter a few weeks of recovery, Sherry saw Dr. Conley at a follow-up appointment to check her progress. “The X-rays showed I was healing, so we took the cast off, did a few exercises and put a new cast on.” Sherry continued the exercises at home and started physical therapy and rehabilitation in Mansfield.  

“Dr. Conley was careful to make sure that I wouldn’t get hurt again,” Sherry explains. “But, he also made sure I was moving my foot so that it could heal and get stronger. He wanted me to be ready to walk once I got the go-ahead for my walking boot.”

Sherry is still healing and will continue physical therapy until her ankle is healed fully. She attributes her progress to Dr. Conley and his team.

“With a foot injury the healing can be slow. Everyone has been very patient and thorough at every appointment. I am feeling better and walking more every day.”

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