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UPMC Muncy is More Than a Hospital


David and Joanie Wallis are proud to call Muncy home. As former third-generation Muncy business owners and lifelong residents, they have been very active in the community for decades. David has served on the board of directors of UPMC Muncy, and Joanie is a leader in the hospital’s auxiliary.

When they think of UPMC Muncy, they don’t just think of it as a hospital. They consider it a gem for the entire region.

“When I go into the hospital, I see caring, familiar faces,” says David. “I see people I know and trust.”

Staff Like a Second Family

David recalls a time when he wasn’t sure if there would always be a hospital in Muncy. He was on the board of directors of Muncy Valley Hospital in 1994 when, like other small hospitals across the country, they were looking to the future and how they could continue to best serve the needs of their community.

They knew they couldn’t do it alone. With high-quality, compassionate, accessible, and cost-effective health care on their minds, the hospital along with Divine Providence Hospital joined Williamsport Hospital to form the Susquehanna Rural Healthcare Alliance or Susquehanna Health for short. Susquehanna Health joined the UPMC network in 2016, and UPMC Muncy has continued to thrive in part due to the proactive thinking of those board members over 25 years ago.

David remembers, “It was a difficult decision, but looking back, we made the right choice. UPMC has made sure high-quality care remains available in Muncy for our community and the surrounding area.” David and Joanie Wallis are grateful that UPMC offers quality care close to home.

Over the years, David and Joanie have become regular faces at UPMC Muncy. Joanie spends a lot of time at the hospital as an active auxilian and considers many of the staff friends. She’s been involved in various auxiliary fundraisers including the annual Lawn Party and Lights of Love. Contributions from these fundraisers over the years have supported various projects at UPMC Muncy and Muncy Place, part of UPMC Senior Communities.

One of the auxiliary’s biggest recent achievements was a $200,000 donation toward the major renovation and expansion of the emergency department at UPMC Muncy, which opened to patients in 2017.

“David and Joanie Wallis are the best examples of dedicated volunteers, responsible citizens, and true leaders in the Muncy community,” says Ron Reynolds, president, UPMC Muncy and UPMC Lock Haven. “Their commitment to UPMC Muncy is unprecedented and they have served in a special way for decades. This type of remarkable dedication from our community members is what makes our hospital so special and has allowed us to thrive for so long.”

For Joanie and David, they know the importance of having quality care close to home and how important it is for the community to support the hospital.

Relationships Matter

Whether it’s laboratory work, same-day procedures and screenings, or physical therapy services, Joanie and David know the team of providers, staff, and volunteers at UPMC Muncy are second to none when it comes to creating the very best patient experience.

They feel it’s because the team at UPMC Muncy treats you like family, and those relationships matter. “When I need care, I want to see someone who knows me,” says Joanie. “I’ve been to the emergency department, and just like in other areas of the hospital, as soon as I see those familiar faces, I know I’m in good hands. The nurses, doctors, and all the staff at the hospital are members of the community and we know each other. That makes a difference.”

UPMC has also expanded the number of specialists visiting the clinic in Muncy, so more specialized care is available to the community. David and Joanie know as a part of the UPMC family, should they need it, they can get access to a higher level of care quickly and easily. In fact, when David recently needed heart care, he went to the emergency department at UPMC Muncy. The team there coordinated his transition to the Heart & Vascular Institute at UPMC Williamsport, where under the watchful eyes of his cardiologist Robert Trautwein, MD, cardiothoracic surgeons Leslie Webb, MD, and Michael Lazar, MD, completed an innovative heart valve procedure.


The entire transition was seamless, and David and Joanie are grateful that the UPMC hospitals in the region work so well together to ensure quality care right here in the community. David and Joanie know the team at UPMC Muncy who has cared for them over the years will continue to take good care of them and the community in the future.

“Trust means a lot in health care,” says David. “I know if they tell me at Muncy, I need more specialized care — they are going to get me to the right place at the right time." Joanie couldn't agree more.