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Friends Raises Funds for New Operating Table at UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors

by UPMC Susquehanna

Thanks to the generosity of more than 150 donors in the community, the Friends of Soldiers + Sailors Annual Campaign raised $36,000. In addition, Citizens & Northern Bank and Truck-Lite provided a 25 percent match for the funds, resulting in an additional $9,000, bringing the total raised to $45,000. These funds will be used toward the purchase of an innovative new operating table that will help provide better care to more than 3,000 surgery patients annually at UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors.

“UPMC Susquehanna surgeons provide quality care at UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors, helping patients receive the services and care they need close to home,” said Bennett Weiskopff, unit director surgical services, UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors. “As a result of this campaign, we now have a new table which provides surgeons the ability to better position patients, increases patient and care provider safety, and decreases the need to transfer patients when additional imaging is necessary.”

The 2018 Friends of Soldiers + Sailors committee includes Tom and Brenda Freeman, honorary chairs; Roger Bunn, John A. “Jack” Eckman, Bonelyn Kyofski, Joseph R. Maresco, Maryann Maresco, Bev McKnight, Anne McNaight, Faith Preston, June Rudy, Sue Sticklin, and Ann Vayanski. 

“Rural, community hospitals like Soldiers + Sailors are successful due to the support of the community,” said Stephanie Steinbacher, gift officer, Susquehanna Health Foundation. “Thanks to the community, Friends of Soldiers +Sailors committee, Truck-Lite, and Citizens & Northern Bank for their generous contributions to this year’s campaign, ultimately benefitting our patients.”

“Our hospitals are committed to growing and supporting local services and care,” said Janie Hilfiger, president, UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors and UPMC Cole. “The efforts of the Friends of Soldiers + Sailors provide additional resources addressing critical needs through their annual campaigns. We are appreciative of their hard work and continued dedication to our hospital and the community.”

The Friends campaign raises funds annually to support UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers + Sailors. All donations stay local and benefit patients. To join Friends of Soldiers + Sailors, contact Susquehanna Health Foundation at 570-320-7460 or visit