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Making an Impact Through Supply Chain

by UPMC Susquehanna

Brian Delp, materials management team lead, Supply Chain, speaks about his impact in Supply Chain.
Joined UPMC: January 2019

What made you choose the career you are in?

  • I was interested in a career that impacted others. I wanted to be a part of making a difference. I ensure that medical supplies maintain stock level in a variety of UPMC departments.

Did you plan to work in a health care field? If yes, why did you choose health care? Why did you choose UPMC? If no, what made you choose health care? What made you choose UPMC?

  • I was ready for something new and looking for more job satisfaction. I explored a UPMC job posting because it was close to home and the benefits looked great. This job ended up being a great fit for me. I enjoy having an important role in patient care that is not clinical.

What is your educational background/experience?

  • I have a very diversified work background. Some of my past positions include commercial fisherman, food broker, lineman for a phone company, house parent, correctional officer, and a DJ at a radio station. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment, or something you are most proud of?

  • Personally: Being a father to my two wonderful children. I am thankful to be a part of their lives.
  • Professionally: Being part of an incredible team at UPMC that provides outstanding health care.

If you could give one piece of advice to students interested in a career field similar to yours, what would it be?

  • Always put in extra effort.
  • If you don’t know, find out. 
  • Be open to change.