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UPMC Continues Charitable Commitment to City of Williamsport


Leaders from UPMC Williamsport and officials from the City of Williamsport recently signed a three-year community contribution agreement valued at $867,000 in recognition of UPMC’s charitable status and community investment.

“As a non-profit health care organization, UPMC is legally exempt from filing local real estate taxes,” said Steve Johnson, president, UPMC in the Susquehanna Region. “We are, however, pleased to have reached an agreement with the City of Williamsport that recognizes our significant economic impact within the region, the voluntary contributions UPMC makes to the city, and the important benefits and services our hospital receives from the city.”

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2019 UPMC Williamsport Hospital, located at 700 High St., as well as the Divine Providence Campus, located at 1100 Grampian Blvd., contributed an annual economic impact of $596 million to the surrounding community.

“Of these economic impact funds, UPMC Susquehanna dedicates $43.6 million to help pay for care of individuals who cannot afford their healthcare services, and an additional $8.4 million to subsidize numerous community-focused programs and services, the majority of which is in Williamsport,” said Johnson. “These services include free and low-cost health screenings, the Healthy Partners program which provides workplace wellness services to area businesses, our Williamsport based ambulance and mobile intensive care emergency services, our lifesaving Stop the Bleed training program, and our annual mass casualty drill support. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made our public health services especially vital to regional businesses, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations as they navigate safe care for staff, customers and constituents.”

The agreement also acknowledges the sale of 80,000 square feet of tax-exempt property for repurposing to taxable residential housing through the sale of the former convent at Providence Place on Grampian Blvd. and medical office building at 904 Campbell St. in Williamsport.

“Organizations like UPMC play a vital role in ensuring that Williamsport and the surrounding region continue to be a place people want to call home,” said Mayor Derek Slaughter, City of Williamsport. “Commerce, education, technology, and health care are key markers for sustainable communities.  UPMC provides our region with high-quality health care services, is one of the largest employers in the region, and contributes to numerous community programs and partnerships. Their work helps us to ensure that Williamsport continues to be a city of opportunity, and we’re proud that UPMC calls Williamsport home.”

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