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UPMC Offers New Pediatric Therapy for Scoliosis


UPMC now offers pediatric scoliosis therapy at UPMC Pediatric Rehabilitation, 625 Edwin St., Williamsport. 

UPMC’s physical therapists have completed specialty training in the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School’s Concept by Rigo Technique, which involves creating a specific exercise routine for each child based on the curve of their spine. This therapy can be used to help stop spinal curve progression, correct spinal curve, improve posture, reduce back pain, and reduce or eliminate the need for surgery.

“Following a full examination, we evaluate the child’s condition and work through therapy sessions in the clinic with the child and family members,” said Jessica Zelecki, physical therapist, UPMC. “The clinic sessions are intensive at first and then taper off in intensity so the child can work toward completing their exercises in their home without the need for a clinic visit.”

To schedule an appointment, call 570-326-0565.

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